Youth Achieving Destiny (YAD); located in Fremont, California, is a non-profit organization that serve at-risk youth between the ages of 9-21. Willie Harper, a retired San Francisco 49er, and his wife Roxane founded YAD in January of 1995 after a life-threatening incident changed their lives. On December 13th 1989 a member of a local youth gang shot their son, Willie Harper Jr., three times in the chest while he attended a party at a friends home in Omaha, Nebraska. Miraculously, Willie survived even though the bullet came within inches of his heart. 

YAD was incorporated in May of 1995 as a California non-profit corporation and later obtained a 501(c)(3). We have persistently provided a supplemental support system over the past seven years that continues to improve the quality of life for youth in our community. We exist to serve youth and their family members. YAD realizes that youth given an adequate support system can improve their quality of life and help them become productive and functional citizens in our communities.

The Harper's decided then that they never wanted another family to go through what they had endured and provided an outlet for at-risk youth. YAD was established to give children positive role models and life skills through educational, vocational, social, and recreational programs.

They wanted to provide a place that youth could turn to instead of turning to the streets. Fortunately, they were very passionate in starting such an organization.

The only way we will succeed is by providing excellent services to these youth. Today, we continue to develop an enthusiastic, innovative, and creative staff with knowledge and expertise in areas that motivate and prevent delinquent behavior in targeted youth and families. Individually and as an organization, we strive to participate as an active and leading force in the community to transform our youth.